At-Risk Employee Forced To Work With COVID-19 Residents

On April 15, 2021, Sammy Sugiura was interviewed by WTAE and WPXI concerning a federal lawsuit he filed for a former employee of Redstone Presbyterian Seniorcare.  During the interviews, Attorney Sugiura discussed how the former employee was refused accommodations to account for her medical history, denied the opportunity to use a work-issued N95 mask, and was asked to do work that would expose her to COVID-19.

If your employer is creating difficulties at work for you due to COVID-19, your medical condition, or your need for certain accommodations, contact the attorneys at Cohen & Grace for help.

Cohen & Grace is here to protect you.

Click on the links below to view the interviews:

https:// www. wtae. com/ article/ lawsuit- claims- care- facility- forced- at-risk- employee- to-treat- residents- with- covid-19/ 36136416

https:// www. wpxi. com/ news/ top-stories/ former- employee- files- lawsuit- against- care- facility- over- work- with- covid-19- patients /FK4 FCVS F3VE JNOS YE54E BEPX2Y/

A Million Dollar Recovery

Photo of Ned Trbovich

In 2013 Ned Trbovich, Esquire, obtained a half million dollar subrogation recovery for a client. In 2016, Attorney Trbovich obtained another large subrogation recovery, this one over one million dollars ($1,099,600, to be exact) for another client. On June 29, 2016, Attorney Trbovich presented the check to Terri Saunders, the claim representative for the Workers’ Compensation carrier, Rockwood Casualty Insurance Company.

Workers’ Compensation Bureau Conference – May 16-17, 2016

On May 16-17, 2016, Attorneys Ned Trbovich and Tom Gladden attended the Workers’ Compensation conference held in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The conference addressed many important topics pertaining to workers’ compensation law, including Opioid Overuse, the uncertainty of IRE’s in light of the pending appeal before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in the Protz case, and the recent passage of the Medical Marijuana Law.

KD & You And The Law – April 27, 2016

Attorney Ned Trbovich again participated in the call-in legal assistance program sponsored by the Allegheny County Bar Association and KDKA-TV, held at the KDKA-TV studios in One Gateway Center. Attorney Trbovich and other attorney volunteers took calls from members of the public seeking general legal advice on various matters. Attorney Trbovich has participated in this very worthwhile program for more than 10 years.

May I Have The (One Half Million Dollar) Check Please!

Photo of Ned Trbovich

On Thursday, October 4, 2013, Attorney Ned Trbovich presented to John Conroy, workers’ compensation claims manager, of ACE USA a check in the amount of $427,216.00. This represented a subrogation recovery in a workers’ compensation case that Attorney Trbovich handled. That check, combined with another subrogation check of $110,000.00 in a companion case arising out of the same work incident, brought the recoveries that Attorney Trbovich pursued in these cases to over a half of a million dollars. Attorney Trbovich also negotiated settlements of both of the underlying workers’ compensation claims, which involved serious burn injuries.

Conference For Serving Large Employers – March 14, 2012

Conference for Serving Large Employers: On March 14, 2012, Linda S. Judson and Ned Trbovich attended an accredited conference on workers’ compensation issues involving the larger employer. Although Attorneys Judson and Trbovich have represented, and continue to represent, large employers, the conference gave them the opportunity to enhance their expertise in this area of workers’ compensation law. The topics discussed at this conference included the following:

  • Self-insured retention insurance programs;
  • Resignations as part of workers’ compensation settlements;
  • The abuse and high cost of prescription narcotics in workers’ compensation cases;
  • Injuries stemming from violence in the work place;
  • Consequences of having an aging workforce;
  • The increased utilization of information gathered from social networking, to assist in the defense of workers’ compensation claims.

Many of these topics have unique application to large employers.

Attorneys Judson and Trbovich, as well as the other attorneys at Cohen & Grace, LLC, can provide large employers with the personalized attention that a large employer requires, but which only a smaller, specialized firm such as Cohen & Grace, LLC can offer.

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